‘Life Happens in Hapeville’ : Jacoby’s New Brownfield Redevelopment

Improved environments, bushels of new jobs, developing communities & an “aerotropolis”? That’s something I can get excited about. Following the infill success of developing Atlanta’s Atlantic Steel mill in the Midtown area to ‘Atlantic Station – Life Happens Here’, The Jacoby Group just closed on 122 acres with plans to redevelop Hapeville’s Ford Assembly plant, which closed it’s operations back in 2006 after 59 years.

Let’s think about this. Metro Atlanta is growing at a rate that competes with my grass after a heavy spring rain. Anticipating over 100,000 new-comers to the area yearly, one of the fastest growth rates of any major city (http://www.antlantaregional.com) , we have to make a place for everyone. We’ve already started growing ‘UP’ with all the new hi-rise developments along the Midtown Mile and in Buckhead. In recent years, we’ve grown north, west and east too to suburban areas. But NOW, with increasing population and fuel costs, we are seeing necessary changes to our other ITP (inside the perimeter) – the south side!

As a proud SoPo (South of Ponce) resident, it is still true that you can get most anywhere in the metro area in about 20 minutes (minding traffic). The airport is just a hop-skip from our neighborhoods. This “aerotropolis” plans to redevelop environmentally challenged land and the demo and clean up could take up to a year, but following will be a micro-city in Hapeville. Applause applause to cleaning up a brownfield! You bet I’ll be checking it out. Offering offices, retail, restaurant, hotel and airport parking space, this breaking development is just one of the many reasons to invest ‘in-town’ as Atlanta’s main thoroughfare continues to expand.

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Radon – Doesn’t have to be a deal breaker…But How?

What IS Radon? – Simply put…

It’s the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States – A “Class A” Carcinogen determined by the EPA and the Surgeon General. It is also the leading of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Have I gotten your attention yet? You can’t smell it, see it, feel it, taste it, or shake hands with it. It’s a problem here in Georgia yet SO MANY of us buying and selling homes, just ignore it. It a hazard to our families and friends and you may as well stick them in a bar with 100 smokers for 10 years. Same thing.