Oooooo Pretty.

Watch out! I just bought my new Nikon D80 with a wide angle lense for my listings (among many other things).  Photography has always been a balancing hobby of mine and I finally am making amends that I can have both my digital SLR and film SLR – although I have to say I love(d) developing and printing my own film.

One thought on “Oooooo Pretty.

  1. Ah, my sister recently got one of those and a macro lens. Wondrous things. And better pictures make better photoshop project, which is really where the heart of my scope lies.

    You should create a website showcasing your favorite shots. is a tool that makes it easy and very attractive to showcase a gallery.

    Adobe has pioneered in making a new type of lens, which is really an incredible technology, enabling you to have real and manipulable depth of field from ONE shot.

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