It’s Good to Be the King (or a home buyer)

Cash Back for Buying

Cash Back for Buying

It is getting more and more exciting for our housing industry! The incentives that are pouring in for buyers in Georgia (and even more so for 1st time home buyers) are INSANE on top of the fantastic interest rates! A total of $9800 in tax incentives ($8K for first time home buyers & $1800 for home buyers in Georgia) is possible for buyers that choose to get off the fence during this feast.

Governor Purdue signed House Bill 261 in Georgia YESTERDAY and it allows primary-resident (non-investment) buyers that purchase a home between June 1st & Nov 30th to claim an additional $1800 tax credit (or maximum of 1.2% purchase price – which ever is lower). This credit can be claimed over a period of 3 years to mitigate the shock to GA’s state budget. This is IN ADDITION to the 1st time home buyer tax credit of $8K which extends to any first time home buyer purchasing a primary residence prior to December 1st 2009 (or a buyer that has not owned a primary residence in 3 years). Isn’t that AWESOME!

Please read the details in the article linked below. Remember, WEALTH is BUILT in BUST not a BOOM (Gary Keller, Founder KW) and I’d like to help you build your wealth. Call me today at 404-808-1528 to get started with these great incentives and build WEALTH. This incentive is only available for 6 months, so let me help you or someone you know take advantage of this great time to buy!

Please see the article below for further details.

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