CURIOSITY SOLD A HOME: What’s my Home Worth? Don’t wait….

CURIOSITY SOLD A HOME:  Find out What’s My Home Worth.  With historically low inventory and extremely low interest rates in the Atlanta Real Estate Market, NOW could be the best time for you to put your home on the market.  I have many clients ask me if I should wait until after the holidays…I say NO, I have 10-12 active buyers that CANNOT find their perfect home – is it your home?  Don’t wait until after the snow melts, make a move and price it well (competitively) and hire a real estate professional to present your homes best face forward for willing and able buyers to fancy.  You will be glad you have a competent consultant on your team to navigate through possible multiple offers ensuring the best terms for you and the sale of your home.  I know these Candler Park & Lake Claire homes flew off the market – no kidding!
A great place to start is  Happy week before we give thanks! I know I have many things to be thankful for this year….what a year!


Hire the Right Agent this Year

















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